Zynga’s Two-Billion-Dollar Bid Wasn’t Enough to Buy Angry Birds

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The game company responsible for filling your Facebook timeline and creating popular games such as Farmvile has money, and lots of it. And, over the past year they have been buying up smaller game developers left and right. But, Rovio-the power house that created the over night mega app Angry Birds– has declined Zynga even with a Batman movie pile of cash.

In a article published on Bloomberg business news site stated that Zynga offered MORE than $2 Billion to acquire the  Finnish Game Company, only to be declined. This wasn’t Zynga’s first failed bid for a company either. Earlier Zynga lost the race to EA to acquire the company Popcap Games famous for the smash hit Plants Vs. Zombies.

Zynga currently has $1.8 billion in cash and the San Francisco company is looking to treat the illness that is there biggest weakness, there lack of prescience in the App world and over reliability on Facebook. Rovio would have helped there App…

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