BMW In China (2012)

Several activities are waiting for the visitors on BMW’s show stand at the Auto China 2012 in Beijing. Among them the BMW i8 Concept Spyder and the BMW 3 Series Li.


Conrado Marrero Turn 101 Years Old

Conrado Marrero Turn 101 Years Old

Conrado Marrero, the oldest living former major league baseball player turns 101 years old in Cuba.

The Cuban pitcher who last year became the oldest living former big leaguer turned 101 on Wednesday, surrounded by family and a couple of old friends in his modest Havana apartment, the faded walls in need of paint, the spartan furniture tattered and frayed.

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Will Robots One Day Rule The World?

Robots have become a very mainstream topic these days. I just ran across this video on Google+ that I wanted to share because this has become the source of many a conversation recently. By conversation, I mean my excited rhetoric talking about all of the opportunities kids have these days to get into robotics and how I envy them.

The best part is the generation that will grow up with these technological wonders don’t even remember movies like Terminator 2, “I, Robot”, AI or Star Trek Generations; books like I, Robot and the Foundation series; let alone know of Isaac Asimov who is credited with creating the three fundamentals laws of robotics.

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