Zynga’s Two-Billion-Dollar Bid Wasn’t Enough to Buy Angry Birds

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The game company responsible for filling your Facebook timeline and creating popular games such as Farmvile has money, and lots of it. And, over the past year they have been buying up smaller game developers left and right. But, Rovio-the power house that created the over night mega app Angry Birds– has declined Zynga even with a Batman movie pile of cash.

In a article published on Bloomberg business news site stated that Zynga offered MORE than $2 Billion to acquire the  Finnish Game Company, only to be declined. This wasn’t Zynga’s first failed bid for a company either. Earlier Zynga lost the race to EA to acquire the company Popcap Games famous for the smash hit Plants Vs. Zombies.

Zynga currently has $1.8 billion in cash and the San Francisco company is looking to treat the illness that is there biggest weakness, there lack of prescience in the App world and over reliability on Facebook. Rovio would have helped there App…

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New Surveillance System Identifies Your Face By Searching Through 36 Million Images Per Second

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New Surveillance System Identifies Your Face By Searching Through 36 Million Images Per Second


When it comes to surveillance, your face may now be your biggest liability.

Privacy advocates, brace yourselves – the search capabilities of the latest surveillance technology is nightmare fuel. Hitachi Kokusai Electric recently demonstrated the development of a surveillance camera system capable of searching through 36 million images per second to match a person’s face taken from a mobile phone or captured by surveillance. While the minimum resolution required for a match is 40 x 40 pixels, the facial recognition software allows a variance in the position of the person’s head, such that someone can be turned away from the camera horizontally or vertically by 30 degrees and it can still make a match. Furthermore, the software identifies faces in surveillance video as it is recorded, meaning that users can immediately watch before and after recorded…

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UNSC adopts statement condemning N.Korea

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Laaska News  Apr. 16, 2012

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a chairman’s statement condemning North Korea’s de facto ballistic missile launch.

The council held a meeting on Monday morning following the country’s action.

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GPS Technology Serves As Smartphone Theft Insurance

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Thieves love smartphones as much as you do, but for different reasons. Smartphones are cool. They’re small. They’re expensive and easy to steal. A good smartphone can be a costly investment, and you probably want to keep yours in your own pocket until you buy a new one. But that’s exactly what thieves don’t want. They want your smartphone because it’s easy to steal and easy to sell. Stealing a phone at a coffee shop, a baseball game, or at a park is relatively easy, and thieves know it. That’s why they love smartphones, but that’s all changing.

GPS Technology: Thieves’ Worst Nightmare
You’re at a park, having a good time. You leave your phone on a bench for a mere second go throw away some garbage. You come back to find your phone gone. A couple of hundred bucks (or more) down the drain in a matter of seconds…

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GPS Saves a Group of Fishermen

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You love fishing. You go to a lake with some friends, walk in the ice until you find a nice spot. After a few hours, without warning, the ice breaks. You and your friends are adrift, slowly moving away from the shore, and you don’t even know it. In this situation, every minute counts. You need to call the rescue crews ASAP, but you don’t even know you’re in danger!

This situation can be easily avoided with GPS technology. A GPS tracking device can tell you exactly where you are. It can also tell you if you’re not where you’re supposed to be. And it can tell you if you’re moving when you’re not supposed to be moving. In the scenario above, adrift on ice, you would immediately realize that you’re moving by checking your GPS device, enabling you to make a call or send a distress signal right away.

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